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Field Day 2018

JUNE 23rd, 2018 from 9:00am - 5:00pm (EST & PST)

Moravian Falls, NC | New Columbia, PA | Wilsonville, OR

Come join us for a full day of beekeeping seminars and hands-on workshops that bring together some of the best and brightest beekeepers and honey bee researchers throughout the nation. Whether you're an experienced beekeeper, a new-bee or someone who has always been intrigued by beekeeping, there will be something new and exciting for everyone. Ticket includes full access to the event, refreshments & catered lunch. Tickets must be purchased in advance to guarantee catered lunch.

610 Bethany Church Rd, Moravian Falls, NC 28654

Guest Speakers

Cindy Bee: Cindy is a co-owner of Overland Apiaries in Jefferson, Maine. She is Master Beekeeper, an active member of Eastern Apiculture Society, and the author of Honey Bee Removal: A Step-by-Step Guide. Currently, Bee works at Appalachian Headwaters in West Virginia where she teaches beekeeping through a collective dedicated to retraining men and women who used to be associated with the coal mining industries. The goals of the organization are land reclamation using pollinator friendly trees and undergrowth, education on beekeeping, and maintaining approximately 1,000 hives for honey production.

Erin MacGregor-Forbes: Erin is a co-owner of Overland Apiaries in Jefferson, Maine. She is a Master Beekeeper, member of the Maine State Beekeeper's Association (MSBA), as well as Chairman of the Eastern Apicultural Society.

Scheduled Seminar Topics

Bee Removal - Wax Rendering - The Tools of Beekeeping - Digital Hive Monitoring & Much More

814 Old Route 15 New Columbia, PA 17856

Guest Speakers

Steve Repasky: Stephen Repasky is a second generation beekeeper living in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a certified master beekeeper through the Eastern Apicultural Society, current President of Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association, owner of Meadow Sweet Apiaries, and is the author of Swarm Essentials: Ecology, Management, Sustainability.

Jorik Phillips: Jorik is the co-owner Hudson Valley Bee Supply out of Kingston, NY. His fascination with bees began when he installed his first seven colonies in hives of his own making. Since then he has spent years learning dividing nucleus colonies, queen rearing, and seeking out different races of bees and becoming familiar with their traits. He began focusing on the ones with favorable attributes and best suited to the northern region, all the while broadening the genetic diversity of the stock in his apiary.

Scheduled Seminar Topics

Swarming - Raising Queens - Honey Bee Health - Pest & Pathogens & Much More

29600 SW Seely Ave, Suite B Wilsonville, OR 97070

Guest Speakers

Jennifer Tsuruda: Jennifer Tsuruda is an apiculture specialist for the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service. Jennifer’s studies include queen rearing and how breeding can produce stronger varroa fighting bees through better grooming and housekeeping practices. She is actively involved with the American Association of Professional Apiculturists and the Entomologcal Society of America.

Rich Morris: Rich is the Founder and CEO of Broodminder, a line of environmental trackers to help beekeepers better observe their hives. Rich has spent 30+ years developing products for the medical, scientific, and consumer worlds. He is an electrical engineer by training, system engineer and project manager by trade. Rich lives on the Yahara river in Stoughton Wisconsin, has four bee hives, and likes long walks on the beach.

Scheduled Seminar Topics

Varroa Mite Management - Hive Monitoring & Much more

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