Uncapping Equipment

If you contemplate how much time and effort it required a colony to draw out wax comb in order to store honey, you would toss your fork or knife and look to a tool that will retain the integrity of the comb. There are a wide variety of tools and techniques used in uncapping your frames, along with various accessories to help in the uncapping process. Consider the size of your intended operation when selecting your uncapping equipment.

13 Products

Cappings Scratcher

Cat #787

Cold Knife

Cat #900

Rolling Uncapper

Cat #729

Speed King Uncapping Knife

Cat #783

The Scratchinator

Cat #786

Control Box Knife with Stand

Cat #849N

Multi-Use Straining System

Cat #295

Uncapping Bench

Cat #846

Hobbyist Uncapping Bench

Cat #H846

Multi-Use Nylon Filter

Cat #844

Ultimate Frame Uncapper

Cat #781

The Sideliner Uncapper - DVD

Cat #795DVD