Why Keep Honey Bees?

We think you will find keeping bees is a fascinating and fulfilling pastime with benefits not even imagined.

What to expect:
  • - A window on nature that is unprecedented
  • - A hobby that is challenging and tremendously rewarding
  • - Honey for family and friends
  • - A few stings to brag about
  • - Material to produce candles and other crafts
  • - An ongoing attempt to understand the honey bee and learn from them
  • - A pollinating army for your crops and all the wild plants around you
  • - Joy when you produce that first crop of sparkling sweetness

As you tend to your prospering hive, the field force of workers will come and go as they pollinate your garden or small orchard. Returning to the hive laden with nectar or pollen, they fuel the growth which ultimately translates into honey for themselves and you. The pollen has been dusted from flower to flower to ensure fertilization. One third of our food is a result of insect pollination. Due to your hard work and care as a beekeeper you are helping the honey bee and thus our food supply.

Benefits of Honey Bees

There are multiple rewards to beekeeping. Tending to bees will bring you in touch with nature and allows for a relaxing atmosphere as you work with your bees. As your hives grow so will their production and your discovery of their potential.

Honey Jars

Sweet Rewards

The delicious treat that can come out of your backyard: Honey. The best attraction for new beekeepers is the ability to extract your own honey. A single colony can produce a surplus of 60 to 80 pounds of honey.


The Pollinators

One third of our diet comes either directly or indirectly from bee pollinated crops. The person with just a few hives in their backyard is playing a vital role in American agriculture. Even the backyard hives begin to create a noticable difference in personal gardens.

Honey Jars

Other Outputs

The reward of honey is just one outcome of your bee hive that you can collect. Other products bees produce that can be put to good use include: beeswax, propolis, and royal jelly. These other products can lead into other hobbies or can be sold as a profit of your investment. Not many hobbies can have a profitable return like beekeeping.