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How Do I Get Started in Beekeeping

You have started in the right direction. Knowledge of what is expected in beekeeping will help you become successful. Beekeeping is not the type of hobby you just dive into without knowing what is happening.

Is this the year that you become a beekeeper?

This is a fantastic hobby that is enjoyable and has multiple benefits. Now that you know you are ready for this great adventure, you need to ensure you will be able to. First step is to check your local community to see if there are any restrictions or ordinances on having bee hives. It is not a bad idea to mention your intent to your neighbors. They may find more bees in their garden or come across some drinking from their pool.

Good to Get Started?Here is some more information to consider:
  • Find a reputable Company from which to get bees. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm offers beekeeping supplies all year long but bees are only sold for pick up during the spring months.
  • Know what to do if you are stung. Have a plan in place because allergies can develop over time. Even for the people that have never shown any reaction it only takes one sting to become allergic. It is possible to go an entire year or years without being stung; however at some point it will happen.


One of your most valuable resources. Through organizations you gain much knowledge on the local honey plants, your needs as far as equipment in your area, the availability of bee inspectors,state laws, and the opportunity to meet a mentor that will help you with any challenges. The experience of going into a hive with someone that has kept bees for several years is extremely helpful.

Check out our Bee Association Map for a full list of Bee Associations.

When to Start

You want to have all your equipment ready and your hives built before you order your bees.The best option for anyone just getting started is our Bee-Ginner's Kit. This will include all the essentials you need to start your experience minus the bees. For a list of different equipment, see What You Need! You want to start your hives as early in the spring as possible. Starting in early spring allows for your bee colony to build in population before summer months(pollen season and nectar flow).
What Size Hive should I Get?

Options include the traditional 10-frame hive or you can go with the smaller 8-frame hive. We offer Bee-Ginner's Kits in both sizes. The 8-frame is associated as a lighter hive that is easier to manipulate. Because it is smaller in size does not mean the colony will be smaller. 8-frame hives simply expand upwards sooner than 10-frame hives which expand outwards. Some beekeepers like to use nine frames in the 10-frame super to allow for the bees to draw the comb deeper (produces more honey).