Soap Making FAQ

Do I need to use distilled water?

Tap water may contain additives (chlorine, minerals, etc.) that will alter your soaps and can ruin the appearance and put off a unpleasant odor.

What prevents acheiving trace?

Trace is acheived in time when blending the ingredients together. You may need to blend for longer periods of time depending on the stick blender you use. Some stick blenders are less powerful.
Review your ingredients used in the recipe to ensure the proper amounts were used. Too much oil will sometimes cause you not to reach trace.

What is the white powder on the bars of soap?

Small amounts of unreacted lye can react with carbon dioxide after pouring and will leave soda ash on the soap.

Can Beeswax be used in soap?

Most definitely. Beeswax will make the soap harder and inhibits lather.

Can baby oil be used is soap recipe?

Baby oil is a mineral oil with fragrance and should not be used in soap making. Mineral oils will not saponify.

How can I prevent scents from dissipating?

Essential oils that are volatile can be anchored/blended with heavier, deeper scents. The heavier scent will typically help the lighter scent stick.