Candle Making FAQ

How do I get rid of air bubbles?

Air bubbles can form between the wax and the surface of container. Pouring hotter and having a heated mold will help prevent the wax from setting up fast and will eliminate the air bubbles.

How should I melt my wax?

Use a double boiler to melt the wax. Placing wax on direct heat will cause it to reach temperatures that are hazardous and can cause fire. It can also discolor your wax.
DO NOT MICROWAVE WAX. This will cause certain areas to over heat while others remain cool and is a potential fire hazard.

Can crayons be used to add color?

Crayons are not recommended for coloring as they will clog the wick and prevent from buring properly. The better alternative is to use chips, blocks, or liquid dyes.

Better to use fragrance or essential oils for scenting candle?

Essential oils will dissipate over time and can sometimes clog the wick, therefore, fragrance oils are a better choice.