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When should I order my equipment to prepare for my bees?

You want to order equipment several weeks to a month in advance to when it will be needed. This gives you ample time to have your equipment assembled, painted, and setup before your bees arrive.

Do I need to paint my hive?

In order for you to preserve the wood of your hives, the hives will need to be painted. Hives can be painted with either an acrylic latex paint in any color or they may be stained.

Which is better: 8-Frame or 10-Frame hive bodies?

Being a bee supplier of both 8 and 10-frame hives we leave the choice up to the beekeeper. Having a 10-frame hive does give you added space for 2 more frames (some beekeepers use 9 frames spaced evenly so the bees can draw out the hive which creates more honey), in turn making the bodies heavier. With the 8-frame being smaller does not mean that your colony will be smaller or weaker, it just means that your colony will grow up rather than out..

Is equipment from other companies interchangeable?

Bee equipment does come in a standard size that should be interchangeable with other companies. Do note that Brushy Mountain Bee Farm supplies are developed in the United States and hold up better than the cheaper competitors brand. Our hives do not present any gapes between supers and we glue as well as nail our woodware so the wear and tear on our product holds up better.

Should I get a beginner's kit or buy individual pieces?

Our kits provide everything that you need to start you first hive except for the bees, feed, and paint. We pride ourselves in providing you the most successful kit available without extras you do not need. Purchasing a kit gives you the essentials you need where as developing your hive with individual parts can lead to missing items or tools you would need before getting your bees.

What is the difference between the basic and advanced bee-ginner's kit?

The basic kit comes with all the necessary items to get you started, whereas, the advanced kit comes with the same great tools but with the addition of two - three supers. You will start off with one box when you begin your bee hive but as the colony continues to grow, additional supers will be needed to support their population. Depending on the resources and vitality of the queen, the colony will quickly outgrow the one - two boxes that comes in the basic kit. More supers will be needed to continue the growth of the hive through the year, making the advanced kit an ideal choice for those starting and ready to grow.

Does Brushy Mountain Bee Farm ship bees?

Due to postal regulations with shipping live animals Brushy Mountain Bee Farm is not licensed to ship bees. We do offer certain days in the beginning of spring that allows customers to purchase packages of bees and queens.

How often should I replace my Queen?

It is recommended that the queen be replaced once a year so she is putting out a sufficient amount of pheromone. Most beekeepers hold onto their queens for 2-3 years before she is replaced.

How long should I feed my package of bees/NUC?

With a new package of bees, feeding should happen for the first 6-8 weeks. Feeding for NUCs should happen until remaining frames are pulled out and your ready to add the first honey super.

What feeder should I be using after installing bees?

For newly established colonies it is best to use an entrance feeder. Insert the filled feeder into the hive and restrict the entrance to the farthest point, away from the feeder. Robbing bees can easily detect the feed and reducing the entrance will help the new colony fend off intruders. The colony will consume a lot of feed and with an entrance feeder you can easily check and replenish without disturbing the colony.

Should I get crimp wire foundation?

Foundation is the structure that your bees will use as guidance to build their comb structure to store resources and raise brood. There is a wide variety of foundation based upon cell size, wax or plastic, and those with support wires. Choose the type of foundation that suites your need. Having the vertical wires set into the foundation adds a level of support that is needed, especially if there is an intent to extract honey.