Brushy Mountain Bee Farm NC Location

The lush rolling hills of North Carolina are home to the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. Lying in an isothermal belt, the Bee Farm is surrounded by orchards of apples and peaches, with small vineyards close by. This rich land with varied wild and cultivated plants is a perfect spot for honeybees. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm was established by Steve and Sandy Forrest and opened for business in 1977. It began as a part time business with the office and wood shop in the home of Steve and Sandy. In 1980 it grew into a full time business that spread into an old barn that was on the property and a small two-room house. A year later a 200 year old log cabin was moved from an adjacent property and attached to the two room house to form the retail and storage facility for the business. The first warehouse was built in 1983 for storage and shipping and the offices were moved into the log cabin. As the business grew more buildings were added and today it occupies over 30,000 square feet under roof with a woodshop, metal shop, sewing room, and warehouse space.

Brushy Mountain continues to expand and provide products from coast to coast and beyond. Since 1998 we have had our catalog on-line and an e-commerce site for the convenience of our customers.

Each year we seek ways to make the products we make better, and to increase our knowledge to provide the best information to our beekeeping customers. Beekeeping has become more challenging in today’s world but we are constantly seeking new remedies, innovative products and ideas to keep you successful with your bees. Our knowledgeable and courteous staff is available to provide you with the latest information. The future of the Bee Farm is invested in supplying the best quality, best service, and best support in the beekeeping industry.