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Plastic 10 Frame Hive Top Feeder

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$14.95 $19.95
SKU: 423 - Hive Top Feeder - 10-F - Plastic

Cat #423

$14.95 $19.95

Cat #423

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Hundreds of bees drowned first time this was used. Don't recommend to anyone!

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This feeder has a terrible design. It is made so they can get under the white protectors and drown. I have a new nuc and was horrified to find that at least 300 bees drowned the first day I used this brand new feeder. I will never use it again. This was a total waste of money and bee lives. Extremely disappointed. Would not recommend to anyone. Wish I could give it negative stars. I am generally very happy with Brushy Mtn products, but I think this one needs to be discontinued.

Bees are aggressive towards dark masses.


I just ordered these and started using one today,so this is a qualified review. The price is right, and the design is pretty easy to assemble, but you MUST either use an empty super or make a collar to insure there’s a proper seal if your hive has a telescoping lid. ALSO! and this is something I would never have thought of in advance, but the dark brown color of the feeder makes it VERY IMPORTANT that you not move it around above the hive where the bees can see it. They see that dark mass as a threat, and I was stung 3 times with no warning, and the bees targeted me and tried following me away from the hive. If this is redesigned I would definitely recommend it be made of a much lighter color.