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Getting Started in Beekeeping
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Getting Started in Beekeeping

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What Is Needed
It is best to get a starter kit that includes all of the essentials of beekeeping.
Some of the main things to have on hand are:

  • gloves
  • veil
  • smoker fuel
  • bee brush
  • hive tool
  • entrance feeder
  • smoker
  • bee suit

    Components of a Bee Hive:

    A typical hive arrangement would include a hive stand, bottom board, 1-2 hive bodies or 2-3 medium supers for the brood chamber, 1-3 honey supers, inner cover, and all topped with an outer cover.

  • 1. Telescoping Top: Covered with Heavy Aluminum
    2. Inner Cover: Provides insulation for heat and cold
    3. Shallow (5-11/16") Super: Widely used as comb honey super
    4. Medium (6-5/8") Super: Great honey storage and extracting super
    5. Queen Excluder: Prevents queen from laying eggs in honey super
    6. Hive Body: Used as the brood chamber for new eggs and rearing
    7. Entrance Reducer: Cuts down the size of the entrance
    8. Bottom Board: Provides ventilation and aids in mite fall
    9. Hive Stand: Raises bottom board off ground and provides a landing board