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Getting Started in Soap Making  

If this is something that you want to seriously get into then you will want to pursue this further in other reference materials. Soap is a more tideous process and reuires more care then making any other beeswax materials. Making soap requires that you follow specific recipes which can be obtained online or in soap making catalogs.

Most recipes begin by combining lye with water. This mixture can become very hot and corrosive therefore glove and eye protection is needed. An oil and beeswax mixture is developed in a seperate pot. Once the mixtures are set, combine together at a slow pace. The next steps are adding the dye and the fragrances you would like your soap to pertain. Let mixture cool and then poor into mold. The soap needs to be cured for three days in mold before you cut it apart.
Lye water is corrosive so gloves and eye protection are needed at all times.