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Maintaining a Healthy Hive

Many of us accept the responsibility of beekeeping because we enjoy goodness of pure honey and increased pollination of our gardens. However, we must balance our own needs with those of the bees. Maintaining a healthy hive requires careful observation and monitoring.

Factors to consider in maintaining a healthy hive are:

  • Monitor for disease and pest. We must ensure the disease and pest infestations are not at levels which compromise the bees.
  • Be sure the bees have sufficient resources. Many areas of the country have nectar dearths. During these times it is important to feed your bees if they don't have sufficient honey or pollen. This is especially true during the winter months.
  • Make sure you have a well mated, vigorous queen. Research shows the better mated your queen the more productive your colony will be and the less disease you will have. Raising your own queens is the best way to ensure the quality of your queens.
  • Above, you must make sure you choose treatments carefully so as not to jeopardize the pure quality of the honey.

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