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During the winter months, once it becomes much harder to control the temperature inside a bee hive, honey bees will gather together to form a cluster. Gathered together in their cluster, the bees will shiver together to create heat and, in turn, warm themselves and their immediate surroundings. Providing insulation is a great way to help a bee hive maintain its temperature especially once the outside temperature starts to drastically drop. To help with this, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm just introduced the Hive Wrap to our winter supplies.

The hive wrap is an insulation wrap that, as you can guess, you wrap around your hive during the winter months to help the hive maintain as much heat as possible. Once the bees start to cluster in their hive, you can install the hive wrap and keep it on your hive throughout the winter as long as the temperatures don't start getting too hot.

Here are a few tips that help a hive wrap to work its best:

  • The seam actually also acts as a "chimney" that provides fresh air for bees as they enter or exit the hive.
  • Installing a 2" nail just above the entrance reducer will help elevate the hive wrap providing room for your bees to move in and out of the hive as well as provide air flow.
  • As with any form of insulation, moisture build up can occur. Tilting the hive forward will help any build up moisture drain out of the front of the hive.
We currently sell a double story hive wrap so you will need two hive bodies on your hive for the hive wrap to fit.

To learn more or purchase your hive wrap today, click here.