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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

After roughly two weeks I made it back into my hive. The "extra" queen didn't make it. I felt she didn't have a chance when I closed the hive up the previous visit so I didn't make getting back into the hive top priority. I didn't even bother to purchase any new equipment to do a split. As I inspected that hive the queen made her presence known; she was poised on a frame surrounded by capped brood. I knew she was letting me know that she was queen of that castle. I told her if I had a small tiara made of diamonds I would present her with it because she deserved it!

My other hive was looking good as well, so I was feeling much better about them overwintering.

That was until I noticed that the weeds in the field around my hives were turning brown and wilting. Someone had sprayed! My hives actually sit on my husband's uncle's property, no confusion there, and his uncle had mentioned that he may be leasing the field out to someone. So I assumed that whoever was going to lease the field had done the spraying. I was a little upset that no one had told me ahead of time so I could close my hives off just in case. But that anger was NOTHING compared to the day I came home and saw his other uncle perched on his four wheeler with a sprayer attached. I was livid!!! It was bad enough that some stranger was possibly poisoning my bees but family. I went home and vented for hours to my husband.

My husband was kind enough (or pressured) to talk to everyone and ask that in the future they tell me ahead of time.

When I checked the hives I did have a small amount of dead bees on the bottom boards and out front on the ground but not enough to set me into a panic. As a precaution I mixed up some sugar syrup and Hive Alive in a spray bottle and sprayed the brood boxes really well. I actually sprayed the hives three days in a row. (I know it's hard to believe that I actually spent that much time with my girls in a week). On my last inspection both hives looked great!! I added a small piece of pollen patty to each hive. I'm giving them a few days to settle down and then I'm going to medicate for mites. I'm a little behind on that (Surprise!).

See you at the Bee Farm!