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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

Let me just start off by saying that I will never use deep hive bodies again. Every time I go out to my hive I get this queasy feeling when I need to go into the bottom brood chamber. I was going to wait till spring so that I could rotate it out but I’m to the point where I am ready to take it off, throw some gas on it, and watch it burn. My girls will probably be patting me on the back and giving me high fives as we watch it burn. They just won’t touch it. During my last hive inspection I found one frame with a cluster of brood no bigger than my fist. I know this because I was shaking my fist at it! They had stored some nectar and pollen on the outside frames but the rest of the hive body was wide open. The funny thing is the queen had packed the two medium supers above with brood. It would be nice to rotate frames out of the deep with those in the medium but that can’t happen. I placed it above the two medium supers for the sake of saving the bit of brood there was. Definitely coming off this spring.

On a positive note, I was able to harvest some sourwood honey. Whoop Whoop! I was able to test the roller uncapper and I loved it. The only thing that I will point out is that you need to alternate the direction you are rolling. The pegs will not puncture all the cells going up and down. You need to go at angles and from the sides to pierce open every cell. Oh, and watch out for the nut, it can come off.

I’ve started treating my hives for varroa mites. I know it is a little late in the season but better late than never! Once my treatment is done, I’m going to throw on my feeder and cross my fingers, toes, legs, eyes, and whatever else I need to do to get my girls through winter.

See you at the Bee Farm!