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Know Your Products

Have you ever flipped through a catalog or noticed an item online that looked interesting but you had no idea what it was used for? We wanted to take our more complicated items and begin to break them down so that everyone will have a clearer understanding on their uses. If you find one of our products difficult to understand, please email us at and we may explain its uses in next month’s e-flier.

Have you been trying to overwinter nucleus hives but have been unsuccessful? When you close them up for winter they are strong but once you re-open them in the spring, they are frozen within the frames. Aside from the basic requirements to overwinter a colony, NUCs must have extra winter protection. Our Overland NUC Wintering Board Kit will give your NUCs the winter protection they need.

overland nuc board

How does this item work?

The Overland NUC Wintering Board allows you to stack NUCs on top of a larger hive body (8 and 10 frame). The board will sit on and overhang on your 8-frame or 10-frame hive. Raised rims on three outside edges and along the middle will allow two NUCs to rest upon the board, side-by-side. The front of the wintering board is left open to supply the NUCs with an entrance. Double screened bottoms in the winter board will separate the NUCs from the colony below. Heat rising from the larger colony into the NUCs will help each NUC maintain hive temperature. Close off each NUC with a migratory top.

The migratory top gives you the option to build up your NUCs any way you see fit. If a NUC requires two NUC bodies while the other requires one, the migratory top allows this to happen. Each top includes a grooved upper entrance. Form the hives to work best for you and allow your main hive to help maintain their hive temperature.

Want an additional layer of insulation? We offer a Homasote Inner cover that will soak up hive moisture and trap in the heat produced from the cluster.

This product was developed to help NUCs maintain hive temperature. If your NUC is not disease free, well populated, or have adequate food stores, they may not survive winter even with the help of the Overland NUC Wintering board. Treat your NUCs for mites and provide them the feed they need.

Every beekeeper will have a different circumstance arise when using a product or they may find a different use all together. Questions always come up on what works best or how to overcome their predicament. Here are some questions that we have received pertaining to the Overland NUC wintering board:

Can I still use the Wintering Board if I have only one NUC?
Yes but you will need to place an empty NUC body with the migratory top in the vacant spot. Provide insulation (straw, paper, etc.) for the empty NUC body to retain heat in main hive.

What should I do to feed my main hive?
It depends on the type of feed/feeder you are using. Division board feeder will not change or affect the use of the Winter Board. Feeding with fondant or candy may require an Imirie Shim but will not affect heat from rising into the NUCs. Hive top feeders will separate the NUCs from the main hive and will not allow heat to rise.

Will my main hive have an upper entrance?
The wintering board does not provide an upper entrance for your hive. Use an Imirie Shim (as would be used when feeding fondant or candy) if an upper entrance is desired.

Do I face the NUC's entrances the same direction as main hive entrance? This is similar to having the upper entrance facing the front or back. There is no real advantage or disadvantage. During winter, your bees will be confined to the hive but come spring when they are going on cleansing flights or starting their search for food, they will become oriented to the entrance. You may get some drifting with the entrances facing the same way but it will not be detrimental to either NUCs or main hive.