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    There are many different types of candle molds that can be used to make beautiful candles but not all candles require a mold. Candle molds that are intricate in design are typically silicone based and molds made from metal will have multiple cavities allowing for bulk production. The type of mold you use will be depended upon the type of candle you choose to make.

    Here are some secrets to making great candles:

    Choosing the correct wicking: This can be mistake number one. If the wick is to big the flame will smoke and the wick will mushroom; too small and the wick will drop and require you to constantly re-light the candle. You determine wick size by diameter of candle not its height. Here are some examples:

    - 2/0 Square Braided Wicking is excellent for rolled candles, tapers, or any pillar candle with a diameter up to 3".
    - 1/0 Square Braided Wicking works best on candles over 1" in diameter.
    - 60 Ply Wicking is used for candles over 3" wide.

    Leave room to top off your mold: While pouring the wax into the mold you may get bubbles or the wax will shrink as it becomes too cool, leaving an unpleasant top/bottom. While the wax is still warm, but solid, top off the candle with additional wax to give it a clean surface.

    Completely solidified before removing: Ensure that your candle is completely cooled before trying to remove it from the mold. Thicker candles will take longer to cool and should be left to cool overnight.

    Pre-coat your wick: Coat your wick with wax if it does not come pre-coated. The wick will be easier to light and continue to burn until it reaches the candle.

    Don't pre-trim your wick: Do not trim your wicking if you intend to make more than one candle. This allows you to continue pulling the wicking through your mold as you complete each candle rather than using a wicking needle for each candle.

    Making hand crafted candles can be as easy as pouring the melted wax into the mold or as complex as you want to make it. You can add fragrances, colors, or herbs to your candle for an elegant piece.

    As mentioned before, not all hand crafted candles require a mold. Rolling beeswax sheets is another creative realm to making candles. With many different colors and patterns to use, your rolled candles can be as elegant as any molded candle. Be precise with your cutting and give additional wicking at the base so that it may be trimmed once the rolled candle is complete.

    Light up someone's life with beautiful hand crafted candles this holiday season