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Know Your Products

Have you ever flipped through a catalog or noticed an item online that looked interesting but you had no idea what it was used for? We wanted to take our more complicated items and begin to break them down so that everyone will have a clearer understanding on their uses. If you find one of our products difficult to understand, please email us at and we may explain its uses in next month’s e-flier.

This is the time of year beekeepers will be switching from their liquid feed to a solid, pliable feed. Temperatures will continue to drop and when they reach below freezing, your bees will be incapable of using the liquid feed as it begins to crystalize. You may put liquid feed into a frame feeder or hive top feeder to have heat generated in hive to prevent the feed from crystalizing, but it is difficult for the bees to break cluster in order to feed from them. Our Fondant is the better option for feed. It can be laid on top of the frames and can be easily accessed by your bees without breaking far from the cluster. The temperature and moisture from the hive will make the fondant pliable and easy for the bees to manage.

So what is fondant and how should you place it on your hive?

The fondant we sell is similar to the fondant that bakers use to roll onto cakes but not exact. Most cake fondants include other ingredients such as vanilla flavoring and starch (less digestable by bees). Fondant at its core is the heated mixture of sugar and water and corn syrup. White table sugar, mostly sucrose, is heated in water and corn syrup wherein it is inverted into fructose and glucose, developing the same sugars found in honey. This mixture is easy for the bees to consume and gives the beekeeper a soft, pliable feed to place right above the cluster.

The great thing about Fondant is that it can be placed directly onto the frames. You have the option of supplying the feed where it is needed. Place small amounts above the brood chamber (not blocking the movement of bees) or place large clumps in the top hive body above the frames. During the course of winter, the cluster of bees will begin working their way up through the hive and having the larger clumps of fondant at the top will serve as an emergency feed. Place a sheet of wax paper below the fondant and let your bees enjoy the sweet treat.

Fondant not only serves as a great feed for your bees but it helps reduce hive moisture. Heat rising from the cluster and moisture makes the fondant easier for bees to digest during winter. Here are some reviews found on our website:

Great fondant (Five Stars) If you’ve ever tried making your own Fondant or bee candy, you should quickly realize what a great deal this is. The fondant is perfectly pliable without being runny, and a 5lb pack should be more than enough for a fall feeding for 1 hive - Chris K, PA

my bees are fond of Brushy mountain Fondant (Five Stars) Ive been using this fondant since early spring with new and old hives ,the bees love it. Great for winter bee candy . Keeps bees working, that helps motivate movement within the hive thus producing heat . - Durfs Busy Bees Durfee, ID