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The Hive Scale is the ultimate tool for any beekeeper wanting to have a thorough understanding of his or her honey bee colony. The hive scale is positioned underneath a hive and, as you suspect, constantly keeps track of the weight of the hive. What can you learn from how much a hive weighs? Tons!

With the easily accessible data collected by the hive scale, a beekeeper can better utilize their time managing their hives. They can work to maximize honey production by checking the honey flow as well as track honey stores to prevent starvation without opening the hive. It can also be programed to alert you when there are significant weight changes.

The hive scale works in conjunction with a smartphone app as well as a personal account which you can access all your information online. The hive scale comes with a special access code that links the free smartphone app directly to the scale. The app has a connectivity range of 30 yards so every time your smart phone is in range it will collect data (cell phone data use may occur). This data can be accessed either on the app or by logging into your account via a laptop or desktop.