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Buzzing Gardens with Harris Seeds

We are very excitd to announce Harris Seed has joined us as a guest contributor on our newsletter. For those looking to beekeeping for it's pollination benefits then Harris is here to help you in

Benary's Giant Zinnia
The Queen of Cut Flowers

Zinnia Benary Giants
Anyone who is interested in attracting bees to their garden should consider flowers in the 'composite' family of Asteraceae. This broad and deep family of flowers includes zinnias, and while there are a number of different species of zinnias, by far the most widespread is Z. elegans. Within this species, gardeners flock to the popular Benary's Giant varieties.

Benary's Giant varieties are excellent choices to use in the back of garden beds where the giant dahlia-type flowers will attract bees and other pollinators. They serve a dual purpose because they also make a great cut flower, allowing you to create lovely bouquets of mixed colors for indoor enjoyment. The 3-4" flowers are produced in an assortment of clear bold uniform colors that really catch your eye. Reaching a final height of 40", plants produce long, thick stems that are less likely to bend when being cut compared to other tall zinnias. Also, this series boasts greater tolerance to diseases and a longer vase life compared to other cut flower zinnias.

Zinnia Benary CollectionZinnias like direct sun and nice warm to hot summer temperatures. They can be sown directly in gardens, reducing the need to transplant. They germinate easily and grow quickly, offering you brilliant color from mid-summer through early fall. Give them a try - you won't be disappointed!