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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

When you go out to your hives this time of year you expect to see your girls hustling in and out of the entrance heavy, with nectar and pollen. Not Mine! I have the luxury of driving by my hives on my way to and from work and let me tell you, it looked like my hives were empty. My stomach turned when I noticed the lack of activity from my hives. Two things came to my mind: “They Swarmed” or “They are Goners”. I dreaded inspecting the hive this past Sunday but I manned up (as best I could) and took a peak.

To my surprise, everything was shipshape. They were bringing in tons of nectar and pollen, had an excellent brood pattern, and I spotted the queen in both hives. As usual, I catch them when they are being lazy but in actuality they are doing great! I added the next super so they have the space they need to grow and store honey. I can’t wait! The first harvest is just around the corner.

I do believe this is going to be a good year. Don’t hold me to that but I am proud of my girls. I say this and next week they will have swarmed to my neighbor’s yard and he will have added a new hive. For now, I am optimistic.

See you at the Bee Farm!