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May Beekeeping Forecast

The Beekeeping Forecast Blog was designed to better help beekeepers understand the current beekeeping season and what might be important to consider in your region. All information given below comes from observation of current environmental weather patterns and traditional responses to this particular season. Conditions can vary widely from region to region. This is meant to be purely informative, not an actual set guideline. For a better understanding of beekeeping in your area, reach out to one of your local Beekeeping Associations or clubs.

North East

Summer came a little early for some of the southern states. Warmer weather came in and provided some relief but you still should keep an eye out on temperatures cause, while they are not planning to drop down to winter levels, some locations will still be dancing around that 55 degree mark. Unless you see an active honey flow, it is still recommended to provide sugar syrup, preferably with an internal feeder to help reduce the risk of robbing.

South East

We just experienced an early taste of Summer Heat lately. Temperatures will start to go down a little but we have hit the beekeeping season full force. Keep a watch on the honey flow and that your hive is taking full advantage of it. If you notice one of your colonies is not as active as the other, run a quick inspection to check the colony’s strength and see if they may need any additional nutrition. As the season carries on, you will want to keep a close eye on your colony sizes. As they grow if they don’t have enough space to grow, you run the risk of swarming. During a honey flow they can produce a lot of honey fairly quickly so it is always beneficial to be prepared.

North West

The colder weather that has plagued the far western coast looks like it will be moving more inland as the month progresses, providing some warmer temperatures which should help your colonies. With warmer, drier weather approaching, now would be an opportune time to make sure that your woodenware hasn't warped or rotted due to all the rainfall. One of the most important things you will need to keep an eye on in your hives foraging. Cooler and wet temperatures may have hindered the available nectar so unless you see productive foraging, it is wise to still provide sugar syrup for your bees.

South West

Temperatures may fluctuate a little, but you guys are in prime beekeeping season. As the temperature start to rise, it is important to provide shade during the warmer afternoons to help maintain a stable hive temperature. A great way to help is by allowing your hive to gather its warmth in the morning by facing the rising sun. As for feeding, yes we do mention it every month, but it is of vital importance that you make sure your colony has everything it needs. Available resources can change at the drop of a hat so backup is always beneficial.