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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

As you know I have already lost one hive because they dwindled down to nothing and the small bundle of girls froze to death. I didn’t want the same thing to happen to my other hive, so I went out to check their honey stores.
The hive looked good… they were ‘busting at the seams’.

Varroa Mite As a beekeeper, you are always bound to make mistakes here and there. If you’re a good beekeeper you will learn from them. I don’t know if most of you remember, but a while back I was messing around with my queen and she kept flying off. I thought I had lost her and my hive was ruined. Well, she came back and everything was hunky dory. I figured I wouldn’t even mess with her this time.

After going through the honey stores to make sure they had enough, I went into my brood chamber to check on my brood nest. I don’t know what I did or how it happened but as I was moving out my frames, I saw my queen lying on my bottom board. She wasn’t moving! I nudged her a little…nothing. I was between the point of balling my eyes out and throwing a temper tantrum. She was the most beautiful queen I have seen and I killed her! I thought I was doing something good for once and it ended so badly! What was I to do? I was too sick to do anything else with my hive so I placed the queen on top of some frame, hoping, just hoping she was playing a joke on me.

I don’t mean to keep laying on my sob stories but some years as a beekeeper can be tough. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and for the time being, order a NUC or two. Just a friendly reminder, now is the time to order your packages or NUCs. Check your hives and see what you need to reorder.

See you at the Bee Farm!