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Summer is just around the corner! Any beekeeper (particularly those in the South) know that Summer days can get pretty warm (some might say hot). Traditional beekeeping suits, while they are great protection when out with the bees, can become stuffy when working out in the blazing summer sun. We offer varying sizes in jackets or suits depending on your level of comfort with bees. Last year we introduced the Ventilated Suit & Jacket to our lineup and the effectiveness of it has been tremendous.

Made up of 3 layers of a mesh material similar to that found in running shoes, it provides solid protection while being a much more breathable material. Having 3 layers of ma terial provides enough thickness that a honey bee's stinger will have a tougher time penetrating through the material.

Check out more about our ventilated suits below, including our suits out in the field with Africanized bees.