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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

I'm glad to report that my girls have been hard at work. I am using three eight frame medium supers for my brood on both hives and I currently have four honey supers on one hive and three on the other hive! So imagine how tall my hives are. For the hive that I added the fourth honey super too, I have to stand on a cinder block to inspect my frames. Yes, before I stand on the block I jump up to give them a "hive" five (Ha! Couldn't resist the bee humor.). I told my girls to slow it down, but do they ever listen to me? It's funny because the last time I wrote I was complaining that I thought they were being lazy.

I've been on pins and needles each time that I've inspected my hives. I thought that I was going to find out that they had swarmed or that there were swarm cells inside. I was concerned because I have talked to so many people that have dealt with multiple swarms this season. Some beekeepers have had one hive swarm three and four times. Thank goodness it hasn't been a problem for me. Yes, I see it as a major problem because I don't want any more hives. Two is my cut-off!

Both hives have looked great each time I've inspected them. My queens are laying awesome brood patterns and keeping the colony in order. I'll keep my fingers crossed, as always, that the season continues as well as it is going now.
See you at the Bee Farm!