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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

Congratulations to everyone that has honey to harvest.
I checked my hives last weekend and they were looking good. My queens were doing their job and had the frames packed with brood. I was able to catch each of my queens as I worked the hive. I love finding my queens. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!

I have to say that I’m a little disappointed in regards to the bees not drawing out new foundation. I replaced the foundation in several frames of my honey supers but my girls are just not drawing it out. You may recall that I transferred bees from the NUC that I purchased in April into a 8-Frame hive. Candy's HiveI added three new frames of foundation that needed to be drawn out but my girls still have not drawn out the foundation on one of the three frames. Agh!!! And to top that, they have removed the wax from one side of a plastic frames that came in the NUC!! It’s a good thing that I added a medium brood box to the hive for the extra room my queen needed to lay.

Speaking of plastic frames, I DO NOT like them. When I tried to remove the frames from the medium brood box to check them they were stuck. My girls had drawn comb from the top of the plastic frames in the deep brood box to the bottom of the medium frames. I screamed, “Are you kidding me!” They can’t draw out the wax on the frames but they can stick frames together with wax! Give me a break. I have never had this problem before with wooden frames. I will be rotating out those plastic frames.

See you at the Bee Farm!