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During the hot (some might say sweltering) summers one of the most important things you will need to provide your hive is ventilation. Not only are your bees working hard to forage and build up their hives, but they are also working to keeping the hive at an optimum temperature. There are many ways to provide ventilation (see a few ways on our Bee-ginner’s blog ). One of the easiest ways to help provide ventilation is with a slatted rack.

A slatted rack is an additional story that is roughly 2” tall which you place on your hive just above your bottom board. Depending on how many frames you have in your hive, the slats that go across the Slatted Rack run parallel directly underneath each of your frames. The additional space provided by the Slatted Rack can provide many things:

  • The dead air space it creates helps the bees better manage the temperature inside the hive all year.

  • If used in conjunction with a screened bottom board it helps keep falling varroa mites from getting back into the hive.

  • The additional space can also help keep a growing colony from feeling confined and reduce their tendency to swarm.

  • If you notice your colony isn’t wanting to build comb at the very bottom of the lowest frames, the gaps the Slatted Rack present can help trick the bees into thinking it’s not the bottom of the hive so they would fill in those frames more.

The Slatted Rack is available for 8 Frame & 10 Frame Hives as well as 9 Frame for beekeepers who use only 9 Frames in a hive.