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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

As usual I jinxed myself! One of my hives swarmed. I checked it not long after I wrote last month and found three swarm cells. I had all intentions of splitting the hive but I didn’t get back to it in time. I know... worst beekeeper ever! I told my girls to be patient and work with me but as always they didn’t listen.

I was able to work my hives late yesterday evening. As soon as I got the top off the first hive it started thundering. Great! I knew my time was going to be limited but I had to at least check the hive that swarmed. I also needed to get my honey supers back on. I’m currently two weeks behind for Sourwood.

The swarmed hive still had tons of bees, which made me happy. I found the virgin queen and caged her with the queen catcher. I have to say I was not impressed with her. She just wasn’t the “hot” queen that I’m used to having. I told her that she had huge shoes to fill and from what I was seeing she had a long way to go. I continued inspecting the hive and found another beautiful capped queen cell. I started to cut the queen cell out, but then I remembered how bad things had gone in the past. I decided to leave it and whatever happens, happens. I told the new queen she wasn’t "all that" and that I was leaving the other queen cell so she is on her own. Well, I guess she took it to heart because as I released her from the queen catcher she shot up in the air. I screamed “are you kidding me!” and some other choice words. I tried to tell her that I was sorry and didn’t mean anything I said but she didn’t seem to care. I’m not really worried about it because virgin queens are “flighty”. I had this scenario happen before and she came back. Knock on wood she did as well. I closed the hive up and walked away.

I’ll try to get back into both hives this weekend and let you know how things turned out next time. Happy 4th to everyone!
See you at the Bee Farm!