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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

I know it is a little late to be saying this but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. With the New Year everyone tries to make resolutions that we know will only last a few months and then we will forget about them. Not ME! Mine was to smile once a day, enjoy my morning coffee, and be more attentive to my bees!

I did have a sluggish start to my resolutions but I blame the weather for that. It has been very wet and cold this year which has limited my chances to check on my hives. On the few warm days I have been able to check on them I have gone in and added fondant. I also moved some outside honey frames into the middle of the hives so the bees will have better access to that honey but I have made sure to not move any frames that have any bees still on them. My mistake the year before last and the reason why I think I lost my hives is because I did a full inspection. I think I traumatized the poor things with all the moving I did. My clusters so far look strong and they seemed to take to the fondant I added right away. This year is going to be my best, you mark my words!!

Here at the Bee Farm we like to recommend that new beekeepers try to find and join a local bee association and attend their meetings. I am part of the Alexander county bee club and it is a tremendous resource for me and my fellow beekeepers. We are beginning our Beekeeping Classes and will be bringing in some great guest speakers this year. One of the benefits I get out of going to the meetings apart from getting to hang with my great friends is finding out the latest techniques that other beekeepers are using on their hives. It also gives us the chance to talk about problems they might be having. If a fellow beekeeper is having trouble with hive beetles then I know I need to do an inspection on my hives to make sure I don’t develop the same problem and if they are having low honey stores then I know the honey flow isn’t as strong as it should be and I need to be feeding. There is a lot of information you can pull from your fellow beekeepers but keep in mind that what works for one beekeeper might not work for another.

The point is, if you are a new beekeeper, find a bee association and attend their meetings ASAP!

See you at the Bee Farm!