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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

Well, Happy New Year to all those beekeepers who still have their bees and to everyone else, I say it can only get better. It took me a while but I finally found a warm day where I could go out to check on my girls. As you can recall, I had (past tense, I know) two hives setup, one was my Mother Hive and the other was the Split I did last year.

For the past couple of weeks I had been hearing horror stories from a lot of my customers. The story was always the same, “My hive dwindled down to barely anything and the girls were frozen in a cluster”. I was frantic to get out to my hive and see how they were doing. I’m optimistic and I just knew that my girls were doing great. They were doing so well at the beginning of winter. Well, I went out to my hives, bringing two 5 lb. blocks of fondant with me so that I could feed my bees.

Varroa Mite My mother hive was a goner! I cracked it open and didn’t hear a thing. The top two supers were packed with frames of honey, but as I got deeper there weren’t any girls!!! I found a small, frozen cluster that I could cup in my hands. It was very sad, knowing that back in November they were booming and now all that was left was cupped in my hands. I took it like a grown woman and didn’t shed a tear. I packed up the hive so I could store until I use it this spring (maybe).

I guess someone decided that I should get the bad news before I got the good because after closing up my mother hive I went to my split and they looked so good!! First super was filled with girls eating honey and the next was even better! Yes, it is probably because this queen is so hot but I was so thankful that last year wasn’t a complete loss.

Maybe I’m only meant to have one hive…who knows. I guess we will see how they look this spring. I might try splitting one last time.

See you at the Bee Farm!