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Finding Your Beekeeping Community

Beekeeping clubs and organizations have swarmed all across America. If you can’t find a club in your county, it is almost a guarantee there is a regional association. Beekeeping Associations provide many benefits to beekeepers and are a great way to get started if you are unsure where to begin.

Community and Support: Beekeeping doesn’t have to be an isolated pastime. A vast community of beekeepers has begun to fight not only for the health of honey bees, but also providing assistance and guidance for those getting started. Communal bee yards have started to grow in popularity. Beekeeping can seem daunting, not only financially but also emotionally and physically as well. Many beekeepers have discovered that by joining forces to maintain a singular bee yard, all that pressure can be shared amongst a group and, not only relieve a lot of the stress, but can also make beekeeping more enjoyable.

Regional Beekeeping Strategies: No matter how much information you absorb about beekeeping, you never know exactly what to expect. Each location can have uniquely different environments that can fluctuate and change on a whim. Learning from local beekeepers can help you better understand what type supplies and strategies work best with your environment. There is no better knowledge than experiences and you can always find a beekeeper willing to help.

Looking to join a local Bee Association? Check our map highlighting every bee association we know of and how to get in contact with them.