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Know Your Products

Have you ever flipped through a catalog or noticed an item online that looked interesting but you had no idea what it was used for? We wanted to take our more complicated items and begin to break them down so that everyone will have a clearer understanding on their uses. If you find one of our products difficult to understand, please email us at and we may explain its uses in next month’s e-flier.

The nectar flow is beginning to wane as the season comes to an end. Your bees have collected all the nectar and pollen from flowering plants they could and now they must protect their harvest from robbing bees. The Moving and Robbing Screen was developed to help your colony guard their hive. The screen eliminates robbing by covering the entrance of the hive and opening an alternate entrance at top of screen for your colony to enter/exit from. Seems simple right? Well why wouldn’t the robbing bees use the alternate entrance? What is the metal plate covering one side of the screen used for? Does the screen provide enough ventilation? We have received many questions regarding this item.

This is a precautionary item that will prevent weaker hives from being robbed. Place the moving and robbing screen onto your hive before other bees are tempted to begin robbing. The bottom edge will fit snuggly over the entrance, leaving no gaps for bees to enter around the screen. You are able to screw the screen to your hive through the pre-drilled holes on the side of the screen. Drilling the screen down will prevent the wind from blowing the robbing screen off the hive or falling during movement of hive. The bottom flap can be opened to allow bees an entrance or kept closed for moving bees to a new location. The small opening will greatly reduce the entrance of the hive, allowing your bees a better chance to guard against robbing bees.

If the hive undergoes a robbing threat, close the bottom entrances and open the upper entrance on the moving and robbing screen. The attracting scent of honey will direct the robbing bees to enter the hive but the wire mesh screen will avert them. Robbing bees’ main focus is directed on the hive entrance; therefore, they will have no interest in using the upper entrance to enter the hive. Robbing bees will begin attacking the screen while the bees from the hive continue to enter and exit through the upper entrance. The metal plate on the screen shields the bees entering and exiting the hive and covers the smell of incoming nectar and pollen. Robbing bees see this as a solid form and can not distinguish an entrance. The metal plate will protect returning bees from being attacked as they enter the hive.

Using the moving and robbing screen is superior to using an entrance reducer. Using the reduced entrance of the moving and robbing screen will allow ample air circulation to move through the screen and into the hive where an entrance reducer limits the air through its small opening. The item needs a protective coating with its use being outside the hive.