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Buzzing Gardens with Harris Seeds

We are very excitd to announce Harris Seed has joined us as a guest contributor on our newsletter. For those looking to beekeeping for it's pollination benefits then Harris is here to help you in

Greens and Beans...My Way
Dick Chamberlin - President, Harris Seeds

lettucesAs the spring sun warms the earth, we are all eager to get outside and garden. There are a host of different types of greens that can get your gardening efforts off to an early start. Lettuces, radicchio, mustards and Asian greens - all terrific components for first of the season garden salads. I like to start my lettuce indoors and transplant outside as early as possible. By doing so every couple of weeks, I can guarantee a continuous supply of lettuce all season long.

Planting GreensNot so fast with beans as they like warm soil for good germination. I grow my beans in a raised bed, and with its elevated soil mass, it tends to be a little warmer than a conventional garden. Generally beans do not like to be transplanted, but if you start them indoors in Jiffy Pellets, the entire plant and pellet can be set into the garden without damaging the tender roots. Plant every couple of weeks and you will have a continuous supply of fresh garden beans!


About Harris Seeds

The Harris Seeds company began long ago in 1879 in the fertile Genesee Valley of Western New York. Over the next century, it became a leader in plant breeding, development and distribution of flowers and vegetables for the home garden and professional grower marketplace. Located in Rochester, New York, the company specializes in high quality vegetable and flower seeds, plants and growing supplies. Harris Seeds publishes several catalogs every year, serving both gardeners and growers in the United States. Quality has been the hallmark of the business for over 137 years. It was the very first company in America to test for quality germination and print the results on every package of seed sold. Harris Seeds places extreme importance in providing the finest products available, coupled with service that goes unmatched in the industry.