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Candy's Corner

Hi, Everyone!

YIPPEE!!! I have bees!

The last time I wrote I had shared with you all that I had killed my queen. At that time I wasn’t truly sure she was dead, but time confirmed that she was. A few weeks after my assassination of the queen, I went back into the hive and there were dead bees all over the bottom board. I made the decision then that I was going to take a break from beekeeping. Things just weren’t going too good for me in this adventure. I have to say, my heart broke each time I passed my hives and knew they were just sitting there empty. Fate has a magical way of working things out. The bee farm happened to have an extra package for our March 19th bee day and was kind enough to let me purchase it. I was tickled pink!!! I couldn’t wait to get them installed.

I’m not really sure if I should tell the rest of this story, but I’ve shared all my other “stupid” mistakes with you guys so there’s no holding back now.

I wasn’t able to install my package on that Wednesday, so I took a long lunch break on Thursday and went home to install my beauties. Everything went well and I had them installed and back to work in about 35 minutes. I was so proud of myself. It’s been almost two weeks since I installed them, once again the weather was an issue, and I was dying to get into that hive. Surely by now my queen is out of the queen cage and laying. NOT! I had forgotten to remove the cork on the candy end of the queen cage!! I could not believe how stupid of a mistake I had made. I tell people all the time, “Don’t go into your hives when you are in a hurry.” “Choose a day that you have nothing else to do and can focus on your girls”. I need to start listening to what I preach.

I removed the cork from the other end of the queen cage and laid the cage on top of the frames. After a few minutes my beautiful queen emerged from the cage. She stood there a few minutes and a bunch of the girls gathered around her. It reminded me of a group of teenage girls gathered around admiring each other’s new clothes. I swear I think I saw a small golden halo around her for a brief second. She then disappeared into the hive. Once again the moral of this story is, take your time when you go into your hive!

See you at the Bee Farm!