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April Beekeeping Forecast

The Beekeeping Forecast Blog was designed to better help beekeepers understand the current beekeeping season and what might be important to consider in your region. All information given below comes from observation of current environmental weather patterns and traditional responses to this particular season. Conditions can vary widely from region to region. This is meant to be purely informative, not an actual set guideline. For a better understanding of beekeeping in your area, reach out to one of your local Beekeeping Associations or clubs.

North East

You still have a little ways to go before you can call yourself done with Winter but it’s in sight. The lower portions (Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, ect…) are starting to warm up more during the day while the New England area still has daytime temperatures below 55. If you get a warmer day with daytime temperatures above 55 degrees, you would want to take advantage of that time and do a quick inspection of your hives and make sure the hive has everything it needs (sugar syrup, clean hive boxes) to help during that final push into full time Spring. Package & new bee season starts end of the month and we still have Packages and Nucleus Hives available for pick up at our PA location April 29th & May 6th.

South East

Other than a few more random cool nights, I think it’s safe to say Spring has basically begun. With ample amount (sometime too much) rain and warm weather, blooms are starting to reappear after some aggressive cold spells and frost throughout March that messed up a lot of the foliage. We have even noticed that a few hives here at the Bee Farm have been able to successfully forage. Nevertheless, with all the weather fluctuations lately (and the potential for more through April), it has disrupted some of the available nectar flow so you definitely want to make sure that you provide plenty of sugar syrup if there are very little resources around you.

With the coming of Spring also comes Package and Nucleus Hive season. Packages and NUCs are a great and simple way to introduce additional colonies. For those still looking for their new bees, we still have a limited amount of Nucleus Hives available for pick-up Saturday, April 22nd. It is highly recommended to pre-order your bees because we normally sell out before the pick up date.

North West

We promise the sun still exist. While the temperatures seem to have started to warm up to workable levels, with all the rain there still hasn’t been much time to work the hives. If the daytime temps get above 55 degrees (which it seem like it is doing now most days) as long as it isn’t raining, you should be able to start going into your hives and inspect. A few things you definitely want to look for is the hives activity, if they are in need of additional resources/feed, and if any of the rain has affected any of the hive components with warpage or rot.

Through the rest of April, as the season settles down, we still have some Packages & NUCs for Pick-Up at our Wilsonville, OR location throughout the rest of April and into early May as well Queens weekly through most of Summer. Click here to learn more about our pick up dates, prices, and to reserve your own before we sell out.

South West

With exception for some of the higher elevations and northern regions, temperatures are starting to stable and warm up for Spring. Extended forecasts are even calling for a warmer than normal April especially in the central US, so you will still want to make sure you provide plenty of feed and water as your overwintered colonies begin to stretch their wings. No matter what temperatures you are experiencing, a good practice to follow is proper ventilation in the hive. Whether it be hot or cold, allowing air flow using either a Screen Bottom Board or a Vivaldi Board can actually help bees control the temperature and moisture buildup in the hive.