Different Style Candles

Candle Making
Pouring Candles

Pouring candles can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. There are many different techniques and additives that can be used when making candles. Here are some simple guidelines to follow no matter the recipe:

  • Use clean wax. Check the surface of the melted wax when using a double boiler to melt down. Additional debris can be dangerous and tarnishes the finished product.

  • Keep your equipment dry. Water will cause the hot wax to splatter and can cause serious burns.

  • Choose the correct wick based on the diameter of the candle.
Start off simple until you fill comfortable to begin using additives. Scents, colors, layering, and included items can change a simple candle into an exclusive design.

Rolled Candles

What could be easier than rolling wax around a wick? This is the simplest form of candle making but can become very elaborate in design. Beeswax Craft Sheets come in a variety of different colors that can be mixed and layered to give each candle a unique visual appeal as it is burned.
The temperament of beeswax is very dependent upon the temperature of the area you are working in. In warm areas the beeswax sheets will be soft, flexible and easy to tear. Adversely, beeswax sheets in colder areas will become hard, brittle and easy to break.

    Here is the basic method to rolling beeswax candles:
  • 1. Cut the sheet of wax to the length or thickness of the candle you desire. If you prefer a long candle, begin rolling along the longer edge or use the shorter edge for smaller, thicker candles. Cut the wick to overhang on each end 1” (coat end of wick with wax if not pre-coated).

  • 2. Place the wax sheet on a flat table, letting it overhang 1/8". Bend the sheet down. Place the wick into the crevice and press wax firmly together to enclose the wick. Roll the wax sheet against the flat surface, keeping it even and tight. If you find that the heat from your hands is softening the wax, insert a piece of wax paper between your fingers and the wax sheet. Do not roll wax paper into your candle.
    • If you choose to add an additional sheet to your rolled candle, align the sheet with your current roll and give the sheets a few presses to join them together. Continue rolling.

  • 3. To seal the edges once it has been completely rolled press the edges of the wax sheet into the candle with a sharp object (fingernail typically works). Soften with a hair dryer if necessary. Once rolling is complete choose the least appealing end and trim the wick flush with the candle. Trim the opposite end to 1/2 inch, light your candle and enjoy the beautiful light.
Be Creative. Use different colored wax sheets and cut out shapes to press into your candle, wrap bands around your candle, sprinkle glitter, or give it an awesome base.