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Getting Started in Beekeeping

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When setting up your frame to be placed in your hive that first thing that you take into consideration is what type of foundation you will be using.

Plastic Foundation: Plastic foundation is nice because it is durable and a long lasting quality product. It is coated with beeswax and comes in either natural or black coloring.

Brood Foundation: Brood foundation is flimsey and in some instances requires wire reinforcements or support rods. It is pure beeswax and the bees will respond to the material faster. Note: Fresh beeswax absorbs toxins in your hive and needs to be replaced every few years.

Crimp Wire Foundation: This is the most common and popular type of foundation. Crimp Wire foundation have veritcal steel wires for additional strength. On the top side it includes steel hooks that fit perfectly behind wedge top bars. It is also available without hooks for medium sized frames with grooved top and grooved bottom.

Duragilt Foundation: Duragilt foundation has a tough inner core of plasticc and the side edges are reinforced with metal. It is imprinted with worker size cells. Note: No crosswiring is needed and does not accept support pins.

Assembling your frame with Brushy Mountain Bee Farm material insures tighter joints and the 1/2" thick bottom bar results in a more rigid frame with less twisting. Begin with gluing and then procede to nail together. Frames can be produced with either a wedge or grooved top and either a grooved or divided bottom board.

Wedge Top with Divided BB: Use with all wax foundations
Wedge Top with Grooved BB: Wax foundation (except crimp wire) or plastic foundation
Grooved Top with Grooved BB: Use with plastic and all wax foundations (except crimp wire with hook)

See our: Frame Assembly Instructions

If you feel uncomfortable assembling frames we do offer preassembled frames.