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Harvesting and Extracting

Basic Mead Making

Other Perks of Bees  

The excitement of owning bees is that it can get you started in multiple other hobbies. Many great things come from owning your own bees and being able to use the products that they produce is rewarding as well.

Honey and Mead
One of the most expected things to come out of owning honey bees is honey. Honey is used in a wide variety of food products and a flavoring in beverages. Once you collect your first jars of honey you will want to use it and you will never find any other honey that is better than your own. Change your recipes and start adding it to your teas because honey is a great additive.

Honey is also a key essential in making mead or honey wine. Mead is made by ferminting honey and water but the flavor can be perfected by adding fruits, grains, or spices. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm offers its own equipment kit that gets you started in developing your own wine that you will be proud of.

Beauty of Beeswax
Beeswax is another material that can be extracted from your hives. Two main elements that beeswax is used in are candles and soaps but it is a material that can be used in many other products.The predominant ingredient in lip balm is beeswax and is farely easy to make.

Beeswax is found in many different beauty products that help to moisturize the skin. From foot cream to face and lip ointments, beeswax is a natural product found in beauty supplies. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm offers many different containers and kits for those who want to become "all natural" in their beauty products.