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Candle Making 101

Processing your Beeswax

Getting Started in Candle Making

If this is something that you want to seriously begin then you will want to pursue this further in other reference materials. For the basics of candle making with beeswax this is a good place to start. Some things needed to get you started:

  • Beeswax
  • Wicks (come in various materials and sizes)
  • Molds (many different designs are available)
  • Getting Started

    Having clean wax is a necessity and needs to be your first step. Heat the wax you want to use in a pot until it is 180 degrees (F). Once at that temperture you will then poor it through a filtering system (double layer of paper towels will work) into another pot.

    Set up your mold while you reheat the wax. In doing this you will pull your wick through your mold and secure it above the mold so that it is taut and centered. When the mold and wick are ready, fill the mold with the wax your have melting. In some cases the wax will shrink and needs to be topped off. Let the mold setup and cool off (approximately a day) and pull it away from the candle.
    Wrapping a ruberband around the mold will prevent wax from leaking.