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We have several webinars coming up. These are free; however, advanced registration is required.

Bee Informed Partnership: Reducing Colony Losses

The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) is 5 year grant which is focused on reducing colony losses. There have been numerous projects before this one which have attempted to gain an understanding as to why we lose a 1/3 of our colonies each year; however, BIP is taking a very different approach. Their whole approach is to collect information from you, the beekeepers in an attempt to link different management practices with different levels of winter mortality..
Each year a survey is opened for beekeepers to fill out. The information collected is analysed to see what works and what doesn't. With more beekeepers participating, the better and more robust the results.

As a beekeeper, you have a vested interest to participate in the survey. Want to hear more? Tune into Brushy's webinar with the BIP Project Director, Dennis vanEngelsdorp on March 27. Registration is free but you must register in advance.  Click here to register